Ball Float Steam Trap

The ball float traps with rolling ball valve and Duplex control(thermostatic bellows for automatic air-venting) for draining large condensate flow rates from steam systems. With simplex control(without bellows) and hand-vent valve for the discharge of cold condensate or distillates and for draining superheated steam, gas or compressed-air lines. Which is designed for both horizontal and vertical lines installation, body with flanged cover. After removing the cover the control unit is easily accessible without removing the trap from the line.
Immediate condensate discharge with clean, tight shut-off. No backup of condensate ensures maximum plant efficiency
Works efficiently on both heavy and light loads with no passage of live steam
Not affected by wide and sudden fluctuations of pressure or flow rate
Stainlss steel internals that can tolerate corrosive condensate
Integral air vent to ensure rapid warm-up of plant
Robust construction to guarantee long life against water hammer and vibration

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Packing Details: Sea Worthy Ply-wood Packing
Minimum Order Quantity: One Piece
Brand Name: CUNRUI/OEM
Place of Origin: China