Forged Steel Gate Valve

Forged Steel Gate Valves are designed and manufactured strictly to international standards API602, ASME B16.34, DIN3202 or Equivalent, a compact but extremely sturdy design for high pressure temperature service, solid CoCr alloy wedge(optional) ensures low friction and long service life, packing rings are precompressed to 4000psi to provide a high integrity seat, for welded bonnet valves, the bonnet is threaded in and torqued to an engineered torque value and the body bonnet joint is strength-welded, offering double protection against leakage.(Body/bonnet threads and strength-weld), fully guided wedge reduces wear on seating surfaces, Optional design available with double packing, leak-off connection, live-loading and a packing blowout for easy removal of old packing.

– Size Range: 1/2″~2″
– Pressure Ratings: Class 150~2500
– Ends Connection: FF, RF, RTJ, Welded, Screwed
– Standards compliance: API602, ASME B16.34, DIN3202 or equivalents
– Materials: Forged Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex or other Specials
– Option Direct Mounting to ISO 5211
– Full Port or Reduce Port, OS&Y, Outside Stem and Yoke

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Packing Details: Sea Worthy Ply-wood Packing
Minimum Order Quantity: One Piece
Brand Name: CUNRUI/OEM
Place of Origin: China