Thermostatic Steam Trap

Thermostatic steam trap is an ideal solution as it will not open until the condensate temperature drops below saturated steam temperature. For applications where it would be desirable to make use of the heat in the condensate such as sterilisation, this allows the heat in the condensate to be utilised before it is drained off which in turn reduces flash steam losses and can help to reduce energy costs.
Condensate is discharged at below steam saturation temperature, utilising sensible heat in the condensate and reducing flash steam losses
Automatically discharges air and other incomdensable gases to aid rapid warm-up pf plant
It automatically adjusts itself to varuations of steam pressure up to its maximum operating pressure and can tolerate superheat up to 70℃
Discharge temperature set by capsule selection-no requirement to adjust on site
Patented design of capsule manufactured using advanced technology to exacting quality standards
All stainless steel internals extend working life and reduce plant maintenance
The BPC32 and BPS32 series has a two bolt cover design for ease of maintenance

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Packing Details: Sea Worthy Ply-wood Packing
Minimum Order Quantity: One Piece
Brand Name: CUNRUI/OEM
Place of Origin: China